Thursday, 3 November 2011

I am The.One Contest

Who is the biggest fan of Ra.One movie out there? If there’s a voice in your HART saying ‘I am The.One ‘ then, this is just the right time to prove it!
Here’s three questions that you have to answer in comments section below. Exclusive Ra.One goodies are up for grabs! Trust us, if you have watched the movie carefully, it will be a cakewalk for you.

Ques. 1:  Which is the song that plays in the background of this scene?

Ques. 2: Which is the social message given out during this scene in the movie?

Ques. 3: Which is the mathematical symbol tattooed on Arjun Rampal’s head in the movie?

1. Answer in the comments section below only once.
2. The winners will be announced at 9 pm tonight, the entries close at 8pm. 

Updated: Winners are  Roli Maheswari, Yash Vasaniya & Omkar Kulkarni Congratulations! :D send us your residential address at

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Return Gift from SRK Contest Winners

This 2nd Nov bestowed lot of happiness upon us! And the reasons were simple -

a. It was our favorite superstar Shah Rukh Khan's birthday!!! :)
b. The gift from you guys who made our Facebook Ra.One Movie page Realllllly Big - Last evening we crossed 3 LAKH FANS and the feeling can't be expressed!
c. We got huge number of entries for our 'Return Gift from SRK Contest' We asked you to send us the picture of Ra.One movie tickets that you watched yesterday but we not only got tickets but love messages for SRK birthday cakes pictures and even ideas for the sequel! :D

We know many people had a sleepless night anticipating who'll get the return gift from SRK and finally we have a lucky winner, who has won G.One Signature edition Sculpture for himself!!! and the winner is -

Sumanth Shridharan 

We also chose two lucky winners who'll get a Ra.One goodies hamper each as return gift from SRK they are:

Ujjwala Mankikar  
Rakhi Rajput  

Congratulations to all the winners! Please send us your exact residential address on