Thursday, 13 October 2011

Capture Ra.One Contest!

The Ra.One fever is catching up on people and People are trying to catch Ra.One! Yeah as insane as its sounds, there are thousands of fans out there who are sending us Ra.One Pictures wherever they are spotting it. The response we have got for our Ra.One capture contest is tremendous! Well, the 'Big Prize' is surely driving them for it which is 'G.One's Signature Edition Sculpture'. Now who doesn't want that? See the video and you'll know what we are talking about ;)

 Ra.One capture contest is still on! Be as innovative as possible! Like we absolutely loved how a mom baked a cake with G.One’s image on it for her son’s birthday and how the shutterbug fans are sending us pictures from Ra.One events they are attending. Show us more love and participate in the Ra.One capture contest now! Visit:

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  1. RA.One, the first international standard movie from INDIA. it transports you in to a virtual world never before experienced on Indian screen. Shahroukh khan as endearing as ever in his new avtar of too. as a matter of fact and testimony to his and G.One's popularity, the theatre reverberated with uproar, shouts and welcoming whistles, the moment G.ONE APPEARED FOR THE FIRST TIME ON SCREEN IN THE MOVIE,on the bonnet of the volkswagon . i will like to see the movie n number of times.