Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ra.One's Army - The faces of Evil Revealed [Part II]

They are Mean! They are trouble! They are the real threat to this world - dark,  menacing, and extremely dangerous. Those who try to cross them usually don't survive to tell the tale. We are talking about the rest 5 evils of Ra.One's Army. The Ra.One India games are on everyone's mind, Read on to know how the evil is growing bigger and bigger.

6. Felony

Also known as Commander Felony, the sixth face of Ra.One, a deadly sinister and symbol of ‘Crime’ strikes his enemies with lethal forces of technological weaponry.
7. Gob

Prototype of an unsuccessful scientific experiment, half breeder between man and machine equipped with biochemical weapons, a symbol of ‘Delusion’ serves Ra.One and his army at the seventh tier.

 8. Psychobot

Made to kill a symbol of ‘Revenge’, commanding the eight tier of Ra.One’s army is running on unconventional disruptive artificial intelligence, to lay wrath over his enemies.
9.  MechWarrior

Sealed within a metal exo-skeleton and armed with heavy damage weaponry, he will smoke his enemies the right hand of Ra.One who serves the ninth tier, a symbol of ‘Treachery’.
10. Ra.One

 The Evil Himself!

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