Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Are you a G.One Squad member yet?

Do you have a good H.A.R.T.? Is your cardinal mission to be a ‘Protector’ for all? Wondering what do these questions mean? These are just some of the criterions that you need to fulfill to become a member of the G.OneSquad on Facebook.

If being a part of a superhero squad was one of your long-standing dreams, then the coming of the new superhero, G.One, looks to fulfilling this dream of yours. And users have begun enrolling themselves in the squad in large numbers with almost 700 new squad members having joined the Facebook page in a few hours time.

G.One is indeed unique when it comes to being a superhero as he is essentially made of electricity and pixels and flies not with a cape but with propellant-suction shoes! A unique superhero calls for innovation in every aspect and the G.One Squad, comprising of Squadron members from across the globe, is just the kind of innovation that the movie has brought about in every visible sphere.

To be real and yet stand out as a superhero is what G.One is all about and that is just what the G.One Squad stands for too – the real superheroes.  

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