Friday, 30 September 2011

The unique Ra.One universe!

Ra.One movie webiste

The countdown to the release of one of the biggest movies has already begun and people all across the world are slowly finding themselves a part of the Ra.One universe and they are sure aren't complaining!

From tracing G.One's footprints across the various locales that the movie was shot at (London, Goa, Mumbai and Hyderabad) to celebrating the father-son relationship in the movie, the Ra.One universe is definitely growing stronger by the day. The origination of this universe lies in the website of the movie, within which lie each of the different online properties and features that make this universe inimitable. Fans from all across the world can be a part of this universe either through the unique G.One Store, the online merchandising store of the movie, or experience the meeting of the two worlds - childhood days combining with modern technology through the G.One digital comic series. The Ra.One YouTube gadget is an added novelty in the Ra.One universe and is once again, a first-of-its-kind for Hindi cinema.

Ra.One movie has used the digital space effectively, which has thus led to the creation of this very special Ra.One universe! Are you a part of it too?

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