Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The G.One action figure – Evoking a sense of superhero-ness

Who among us haven’t had our favourite action figurines while growing up? For some the Superman cape was what attracted them while for some it was the bat-mobile! And don’t you remember those long hours spent quietly sneaking in a Spiderman comic to read or sitting in front of the television to catch him on television.

Now with G.One, you have the chance to relive those days again. One of the most attractive G.One Store merchandise' is that of the G.One action figure and an action figure that shall be loved by all ages. It is much like Shahrukh Khan has found his own alter ego in the G.One action figure and for many of us that was the whole essence of owning an action figure – to see yourself as the superhero.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if the G.One action hero evokes the same sense of superhero-ness.

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