Monday, 19 September 2011

Let Ra.One movie take you back to your childhood days

‘Gone, gone childhood days
Gone in so many ways
All that I have said and done
The castles we have overcome’

- Barry Gibb & Maurice Ernest Gibb (BEE GEES)

Don’t these lyrics remind you of the ‘good ol’ days’? Those childhood days are the one we miss the most for at the age of six or seven, the only worry in life would be how much homework we would have to do the next day. These are the days we yearn for and the movie, in many ways than one, reminds us of our ‘good ol’ days’.

How, you ask? The first reason you can think of, is the crux of the movie itself, a sci-fi superhero movie. Haven’t we all grown up with Batman, Superman and Spiderman being our superheroes? After Krish and Drona, SRK brings to us another home-grown superhero and G.One is definitely the rage of the nation at the moment with fans joining in thick and fast on the G.One Squad Facebook page too.

When we were growing up, a superhero is who we believed would come to our rescue and hoped that one day, we too would become like our icon and with Ra.One movie, this childhood hope continues.

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