Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ra.One will teach kids to love their fathers - SRK

Shah Rukh Khan mentioned during the LIVE Express Adda, the interactive session led by Indian Express editor-in-chief, Shekhar Gupta, that the biggest challenge he faced during the making of Ra.One was that he wanted to make a movie that takes the technological aspect forward and wanted sci-fi fans to see it in Bollywood style!

Along with taking the film industry forward when it comes to the technological aspect, Shah Rukh Khan firmly believes Ra.One is a very family-centric movie too. “"My film Ra.One talks about the relationship between every father and son. So the film has a bit of my relationship with my son.  "I think it's a film that will appeal to all sons and fathers and I think it will teach them to love their fathers because I think fathers are very nice.

And yes, fathers do need to be acknowledged more often than just on a ‘Father’s Day’; for with whom would you play cricket/football with or go for morning walks as a kid or who else would teach you how to ride a bicycle? A father doesn’t often share the limelight of raising his children but we all know, no matter what the relationship you share with your father, you know he will always be there to stand up for you.

It only makes sense that we stand up for our superheroes, our fathers.

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